hand made macrame uterus at one of our Adeline and Twine workshops at Aidans Kitchen in Newcastle.

Cuterus Workshop @ Aidan's Kitchen

What an amazing night we had at Aidan's Kitchen in Jesmond, Newcastle! 

We had such a lovely group of people join us for an evening of crafting and talking about our periods. It was lovely to see a few people from previous workshops too! 

The evening started relatively smoothly and then it quickly turned into an anatomy fueled giggle-fest. We paused half way through the workshop to enjoy some delicious cake and drinks made by the lovely Laura and Aidan. We resumed knotting and started adding cysts and endometriosis to our uterus's..?..uteri..?.

The award for the best cuterus that made me well up goes to the lady that made a gift for a friend that was expecting a little girl and added an embryo with a pink heart on it. I..could..not..cope 

We took some photos of all the brilliant cuterus we made and then wrapped up the evening around 9ish but not before we managed to snap this brilliant photo of Connor, the look of pure joy just made my night! 

I want to say thank you to everyone that came last week and I hope to see you all again soon!! 

We will be hosting another night at this beautiful venue in September the question is, what would you like to make next? 

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